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Effective metering enables energy bill allocation throughout the network. It helps reduce energy losses and enables the creation of energy balances. It leads to efficient management of transits and cost optimization under time-based rate schedules. It means identification of system-specific operational efficiency opportunities.

Our Metering Expertise includes:
  • Residential Metering
  • Industrial and Commercial Metering
  • Grid Metering
  • Remote Data Acquisition
  • Energy Data Management


Effective billing and revenue collection systems enable proper bill generation, payment processing and credit control. They also allow for useful customer information analysis and reporting to assist financial controllers in revenue management.


The overall objective in network control and automation is the sustainable, efficient, cost effective, reliable and safe transport and distribution of energy.
We provide our technical assistance in order to design, specify, tender and economically justify the best available solution with special emphasis on quality, implementation time, training and transfer of knowhow.

Our Network Control and Automation Expertise includes:
  • SCADA Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition
  • EMS Energy Management System
  • DMS Distribution Management System
  • PAS Power Application Software
  • SAS Substation Automation Solution
  • RTU Remote Terminal Unit
  • Communication technologies and protocols